• GR Series Autoclave
    Capacity :60L/85L/110L

    Opening way: flip top
    Type DA: Fully automatic, basic model
    Type DF: Automatic water feeding and fast cooling based on Type DA
    Type DR: Automatic drying function based on Type DF
  • GI-T Series Autoclave
    Capacity :36L/54L/80L/100L

    New generation of GI series autoclave
    Type T: Semi-automatic, whole process shown by indicator
    Type TW: Fully-automatic, whole process shown by flow chart
    Type TR: Fully-automatic, drying function based on Type TW
  • Autoclave of Uniclave Series
    Capacity :36/50/80/100L

    Type A: Fully automatic, basic Model

    Type R: Drying function based on Type A

  • S Series Ultrasonic Cleaner
    Capacity :4/6/10/22.5L

    Type B:Basic Model

    Type P:Power Adjustable based on Type B

    Type H:Heating Function based on Type P