Medical Autoclaves

Equipped with vacuum pumps that offer outstanding sterilization of shared devices. Eliminate the risk of infections in hospitals.

ZEALWAY’s vacuum autoclaves are especially suitable for wrapped and unwrapped surgical instruments, medical waste, cloth, tissue samples or CSSD facilities

Medical supplies usually fall into two categories: one-off and reusable. Some expensive surgical instruments, including endoscopes and surgical scalpels, can be reused after sterilization. As pathogens can devastate people’s health and elevate the risk of cross-infections, effective sterilization becomes vital for medical devices. However, most of our clients from the medical field will have difficulties in choosing the right autoclaves. In addition to advice on size and capacity, ZEALWAY shares tips about selecting correct medical autoclaves and provides our clients with the right solutions.

Vacuum Pumps Provide Efficient Sterilization of Wrapped and Unwrapped Surgical Instruments, Medical Waste, Tissue Samples or CSSD Facilities

Vacuum pumps can play an important role in fully eradicating the hazardous microorganisms on reusable devices and tissues. They help steam to penetrate the narrow lumens and porous goods by mechanically removing the air. Some series of ZEALWAY’s vertical autoclaveshorizontal autoclaves and table top autoclaves are equipped with outstanding vacuum pumps, and they’re powerful in sterilizing medical devices and porous goods. An autoclave of an appropriate size with the pre-vacuum and post-vacuum functions can always help our clients in the medical industry to improve health conditions.

A Variety of Types and Functions

Our horizontal, vertical, bench top autoclaves with vacuum pumping are suitable for sterilization of different materials and can satisfy various loading requirements. Our LCD screen enables you to monitor the sterilization process and facilitate the human-machine dialogue.

Optional Online Sterilization Ensures Biosafety

A hydrophobic PTFE filter with a pore size of 0.2 μm is preferred when sterilizing infectious loads to intercept the aerosols, microorganisms and viruses in the sterilization chamber during the cold air purging process. It can also prevent the condensed water from being discharged externally before the sterilization completes. In addition, the filter is sterilized simultaneously with the loads. And the filter sterilization temperature and use status are monitored in real time to ensure the effectiveness of the filter sterilization and to prevent secondary infection.

Eliminate Odor

The built-in deodorization system absorbs and processes the odor generated during the biological sterilization and provides a remarkable deodorization effect.

You can check out recommended products for hospitals and medical industry that are listed below, or contact us for more information and suggestions!

Eradicate Harmful Microorganisms Safe and Fast

ZEALWAY provides quality autoclaves, full services and professional sterilization solutions for you.