Horizontal Autoclaves

Large Capacity of 180L to 1000L. ZEALWAY's horizontal autoclaves are made for pharmaceutical factories and laboratories, with safe, quality performance.

Large but Highly Efficient and Practical

Horizontal autoclaves, or front-loading autoclaves, can accommodate larger loads than the other types of autoclaves thanks to their size and structure. ZEALWAY, as a sophisticated horizontal autoclave manufacturer, specializes in the most capable sterilization equipment in the market, including the equipment with a cylindrical chamber as well as the equipment with a rectangular chamber. In addition to various optional functions, our horizontal autoclaves deliver the best liquid sterilization with enhanced efficiency and improved safety. Clients in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories can use our horizontal autoclaves to experience the best sterilization solutions.

  • GW Series 2

    ▪280L ▪With drug packaging test ▪With vacuum drying ▪With water cooling

  • GW Series 2

    ▪180L ▪With drug packaging test ▪With vacuum drying ▪With water cooling

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Your Benefits of Choosing ZEALWAY

Unlike the average autoclave manufacturers, ZEALWAY provides you with more benefits, including:

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