Table Top Autoclaves

ZEALWAY manufactures safe, quality 14–23L table top autoclaves with extremely small footprints, which are especially convenient for dental and eye clinics.

Minimum Size and Cost, Maximize Performance

Most places with limited space and limited demands for sterilization will choose table top autoclaves, or benchtop autoclaves. ZEALWAY, an experienced manufacturer of table top autoclaves, provides the most affordable products with optimum performance for its clients. Made of quality materials, ZEALWAY's table top autoclaves can sustain frequent opening and closing and their cylindrical chambers can deliver the top sterilization effect. Our products can serve all kinds of needs and are most suitable for dental clinics because of their small size, flexibility and powerful capabilities.

  • GT Seires 1

    ▪23L ▪LCD screen ▪5 level authority ▪Class B ▪Vacuum drying

  • GT Seires 1

    ▪18L ▪LCD screen ▪5 level authority ▪Class B ▪vacuum drying

  • GT Seires 1

    ▪14L ▪LCD screen ▪5 level authority ▪Class B ▪vacuum drying

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Your Benefits of Choosing ZEALWAY

Once you find that ZEALWAY's benchtop autoclaves satisfy all your needs and even exceed your expectations, why bother and look for the other options?

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Eradicate Harmful Microorganisms Safe and Fast

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