Job Opportunities-work with us

Regional Sales Manager/Sales Representative(over 5 vacancies):

  1. College degree or above
  2. Familiar with international business, more than 8 years of experience in laboratory instrument sales, familiar with the laboratory or medical distribution channels in the region
  3. Good communication skills, execution and negotiation skills, initiative, strong sense of responsibility and certain pressure resistance
  4. Adapt to frequent business trips

Job Content

  1. Make marketing strategies and sales plans, and complete sales tasks
    according to the company’s marketing objectives.
  2. Responsible for market development and management
  3. Dynamic investigation, collection and market trend analysis of market customers and product consultation
  4. Be responsible for urging timely payment collection and after-sales service

Regional division and language requirement: 1.Europe +Middle Asia(English or English+Russian) 2.USA+Cananda(English) 3. South America (Spanish +English) 3.Africa+Austrilia(English or English+ French) 4. Southeast Asia+India(English) 5.Middle East+ Pakistan+Bangladesh( Arabic + English)

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