• GR60 DA 副本1
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  • GR60 DA 副本1
  • GR details 1
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The vertical autoclaves you can find of best cost performance, ever. Designed for laboratories and the other places, GR Series vertical autoclaves are equipped with a 40cm diameter chamber to offer a massive sterilization space, an automatic water feeding option to free your time, and a drying option to satisfy your higher sterilizing requirements. ▪85L ▪Simple and easily understandable control panel ▪With cooling fan ▪With a medical waste mode

  • ASME
  • CE
  • DOHS
  • MOM
  • Ts


  • Load Capacity
    • 100L
    • 110L
    • 14L
    • 180L
    • 18L
    • 23L
    • 24l
    • 280L
    • 29L
    • 36L
    • 54L
    • 60L
    • 80L
    • 85L
  • Major Functions
    • Automatic drying function
    • Automatic water feeding
    • Best sellors
    • Class B
    • LCD Screen
    • Medical waste mode
    • Simply and easily understandable control panel
    • With auto door/LCD touch screen
    • With cooling fan
    • With drug packaging test
    • With vacuum drying
    • With water cooling

Main Features

Optional Spare Parts

Clients can choose from the options to determine the value-adding functions for their autoclaves.


GR autoclave catalog

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