Autoclave Working Principle and Safety Issue

Autoclave is a commonly used sterilization equipment, which are heated by electric hot wire. When heated to a certain temperature, water will become steam. Due to the high pressure inside the chamber, the steam can go over 100℃ in one autoclave. The high temperature steam will touch the surface of the sterilized articles put inside, which can cause the protein denaturation of the bacteria, so as to kill the bacteria and virus. Most bacteria can be killed in the environment of over 121 ℃ for certain time. So autoclave is widely used in research centers, labs, hospitals ,pharmaceutical plants and food industry. Autoclave to a lab is like a washing machine to a house. 

Due to the high pressure inside, the autoclave is a pressure vessel product, which normally requires special license to produce, sell and use. Poor quality sterilizers might explode and cause serious accidents. Therefore, the safety issue is the top concern for the autoclave. Generally speaking, one autoclave must have the below safety devices: Self-induction pressure interlocking device, lid closing checking, anti-scald coating, over temperature protection, temperature monitor, dry scorch protection system, water level sensor, over pressure protection, safety valve, over current and short circuit protection, leakage protection device, automatic troubleshooting system. 

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