Zealway has renewed the logo of the company

In order to improve the Zealway’s international corporate image, the brand influence and competitiveness, the company has designed and registered a new logo, which is shown as follows:

“Zealway” logo is composed of “zeal” (passion) and “way”, two words, which means that Zealway ,with full enthusiasm and professional focus, carefully carves every detail, and constantly explores the solution of laboratory equipment. 

The color matching style of the new logo is a combination of blue and red. Blue represents technology and future, and red represents passion and focus. The new logo with simple design looks more fashion and eye-catching. 

The core meaning of the red dot is to be more focused. We firmly believe that “The future in perfect detail”. Only by constantly focusing on the details and focusing on every “point” of the product, can we ensure that every product is deeply recognized by users.

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